Valuation Services

Tofte & Company provides valuation support to our clients considering merger and acquisition activities. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge obtained through our numerous transactions, we not only take into account characteristics which are specific to a particular industry or country but also the strategic objectives our clients have for the particular transaction. It is with this specialist knowledge and understanding of our client’s needs that enable us to conduct valuations from a commercial perspective.

Our valuation services are broadly classified into the following:

  • Business valuation for when considering restructuring or sale or capital raise
  • Valuation of target company in an acquisition situation

Our valuations services are not limited to financial models but are often more focused on peer analysis including trading or investment multiples seen.

Valuation services involve the act or process of developing an opinion of value. As such, it is never a fact but always an opinion on the worth of the business or asset to be valued at a given time in accordance with a specific definition of value.