Initial Public Offerings / IPO / Certified Advisor

Companies that have built up their business over many years can consider the public market at some stage to realize value, raise growth capital and provide a framework for growth acquisitions.

At Tofte & Company, we are among the very few Certified Advisors at Nasdaq, and we can help guide owners through the complete Initial Public Offering (IPO) process.

We provide public market valuation of your business which will be supported and validated by some leading institutional shareholders. Furthermore, we assist in the completion of the prospectus or company description dependent on the amount of capital that is expected to be raised. We can also advise shareholders who are looking to unlock value (secondaries) at the same time as considering an IPO.

We also commonly advise clients who wish to explore buyout or trade sale options parallel to an IPO to effectively benchmark all options as part of a wide strategic review of options.