Cylindo – Private Placement of 1 mUSD led by Scale Capital

Product visualization startup Cylindo has raised 1 mUSD in new funding that will help Cylindo (which now has offices in both Copenhagen and San Francisco) expand in the United States — and eventually, expand beyond furniture. The new funding was led by Scale Capital, with participation from LiteCap and CommerceVC.


“Tofte & Company was unrelenting in their assistance to our fundraising efforts and their great deal structuring experience enabled us to put a great deal together for everyone,” says Janus Jagd founder and CEO of Cylindo.

“I have seldom seen a more superior product offering than the Cylindo suite and I can not wait to see the commercial traction this funding will enable them to achieve,” says Thomas Tofte, managing partner of Tofte & Company.

Cylindo offers immersive visualization software, state of the art 3D content creation and cloud-based deployment. They help the furniture industry take maximum advantage of today’s most advanced technologies that translate directly into increased sales and enhanced brand image.

AirHelp – Private Placement from Business Angels

A group of business angels from the Tofte & Company network, have invested 400,000 USD in AirHelp

The first transaction so far for AirHelp, but most likely not the last! Tofte & Company have been with these guys from the very beginning, and we are excited to see the interest from so many business angels already. The private placement of 400,000 USD was sourced through the extensive network within Tofte & Company. We are looking forward to see where these guys will go, and we are proud to be their preferred deal partner during their journey.