Agillic – IPO on NASDAQ First North Copenhagen

Tofte & Company – Leading Nordic marketing automation software provider Agillic listed on NASDAQ First North Copenhagen

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Agillic, the leading Nordic marketing automation software provider is listed on NASDAQ First North Copenhagen.

Agillic, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, has developed a state of the art product for marketing departments to plan and execute their omnichannel marketing strategy. By using the Agillic platform the clients can communicate with end customers at the right time and right place with the right message resulting in an considerably increased effect of their marketing communication. The company has recently added artificial intelligence to their product offering which further enhances the value for the clients. The mission of the company is to allow their clients to communicate personally and relevant with their customers and thereby effectively kill spam.

Agillic has raised 37 MDKK in connection with the listing to be used for future growth and expansion particularly in the UK and Swedish market. The offer of shares was oversubscribed by 33% of shares offered to the public.

With a strong foothold in Scandinavia, Agillic is tapping into a 37 BNUSD worldwide marketing technology market which is expected to double over the next 5 years. The business model is based on a recurring Software as a Service subscription model with a high degree of revenue predictability.

“We have throughout the process been impressed by the professionalism of Tofte & Company. They have particularly impressed us with their business understanding. Marketing automation technology is probably not the easiest thing to understand but Tofte & Company helped us present our business in an easy and understandable way,” says Jesper Valentin, CEO of Agillic. “We have now secured funding to pursue the huge market opportunity we have in front of us and I am delighted with the support we have received throughout the process.”

“We are happy to see Tofte & Company taking their first case successfully to the market only a short time after having joined as Certified Adviser,” says Carsten Borring, Head of Listings at NASDAQ.

Agillic is an amazing company that we have been following for several years. They have the right product at the right time and the right team to make it happen which is why they are growing so aggressively. Their mission is clear and so is the value proposition towards their clients. I am truly grateful that Agillic chose us to help them in their listing process and I cannot wait to follow the company as it continues to expand into other markets,” says Thomas Tofte, Managing Partner at Tofte & Company.

About Agillic:
Agillic, headquartered in Copenhagen, is the leading marketing automation technology provider in Scandinavia. The Agillic platform offers its clients the ability to communicate to customers with personalised messages, through multiple channels, at scale, and thereby increasing the effect of marketing activities considerably. As a technological frontrunner in the industry, Agillic offers predictive models based on artificial intelligence which further enhances the effectiveness of the platform. With flagship customers such as Matas, SPORTMASTER, Banco Santander, Storytel og Egmont Publishing, the company has grown the annual recurring revenue with more than 60% year over year in 2016 and 2017 and is now ready for an European expansion.


We are happy to announce that Feast – the recent venture of Jakob Nordenhoff Jønck (former Myfitnesspal and Endomondo) – has now closed its financing round enabling Jakob to repeat his high viral growth success within the area of digital cook books. The venture is currently in stealth mode.

Realfiction recently closed its funding round securing the necessary funds to exploit the commercial opportunities gained on its unique true 3D display system. The venture is headed by Clas Dyrholm and pioneering holographic video displays.

Our story so far


Tofte & Company was established to provide a professional and experienced service for IT companies looking for financing or buyers. We wanted to provide an efficient 360° service from initial lead contact to money in the bank.

With experience of more than 330 transactions with IT companies, 11 years as investor/buyer and an extensive network within the business angel and VC community, we seem to have found the right cocktail of operational, financial and legal expertise. We are now growing at a rapid rate.

We are proud and humble to be working with some of the best entrepreneurs and founders, and we are working hard to deliver on the trust given to us.

We are also honoured by all the investors showing an interest in the cases we bring to the market and hope that you will earn a lot of money investing into our mandates.



Total Amount Raised Approximately $80 million
Total Amount of Clients 15 so far, full list available here


Tofte & Company has advised Tradeshift on a capital injection of $75 million to expand into Asia. The investment from Scentan Ventures gives Tradeshift a key partnership in the region. For potential opportunities on secondaries, please contact us. Read the full article here.

With Tofte & Company as advisors, CapitalAid completed its initial funding round raising over €2 million. The company, described as a ‘$3 billion factoring business’, has a partnership with Tradeshift to work with the electronic invoicing platform. Read the full article here.

AirHelp, who were part of the winter contingent of Y Combinator, recently took part in the famous demo day. With a strong media following, AirHelp’s business has consistently been ranked as one of the top 5 Y Combinator companies. Read the TechCrunch coverage here.

The following is a list of clients who are currently seeking investments and have their investor materials online;


AirHelp is helping consumers who have been on the receiving end of delayed or cancelled flights to fight for their compensation. Also a graduate of the Y Combinator 2014 winter class.
itembase is creating an even playing field by automatically extracting information from consumer purchases and aggregating the data. This benefits the web shops signed up, enabling them to compete against business models of giants like Amazon.
The Search Party is changing the face of recruitment. They have taken the recruitment process on-line as a market place and created a time-efficient and cost-efficient recruitment process, benefitting both employers and recruiters. With offices in London and Sydney, they are expanding fast.
Capital Aid is a new innovative provider of capital to small and medium-size businesses trading on electronic invoicing networks. Why should you have to wait to get paid for an invoice? Capital Aid has secured the right to offer financial services for a GBP 40 billion spend of invoices.
OpenXO is a one-stop solution giving networking power to your brand, business or location. Engage over Wi-Fi to receive deep knowledge about your audience, develop relations, drive sales, and enjoy brand exposure and endorsement.