Hejdoktor.dk – capital raise from UK based angel

Tofte & Company – Hejdoktor.dk secures funding

We are pleased to announce that we have raised an undisclosed round of financing from a UK based Business angel.

“We are very pleased with the extremely speedy process facilitated by Tofte & Company“. With the high quality “around the clock” support from Tofte & Company we have secured funds for growth. Again Tofte & Company has delivered as promised and we look forward to further corporation in the future” says Mikkel Geertsen, CEO of Hejdoktor.dk.

About Hejdoktor.dk:
Hejdoktor.dk is a Copenhagen based eHealth startup with a vision to lock horns with the current unprecedented global health challenges, by providing high quality online, convenient and cost-effective healthcare services – combined with the exponential power of computers.
Hejdoktor.dk is transforming traditional healthcare by making it more accessible and convenient. Hejdoktor.dk has empowered thousands of users, by giving them direct access to the healthcare professionals they need, through UX friendly and secure digital channels.
Hejdoktor.dk strives to make a positive impact in the world and believes that quality healthcare should be a universal human right.