Copyright Agent- Capital raise

Tofte & Company – Copyright Agent secures funding

“Tofte & Company was a strong partner in our recent capital raise, where they headed the capital raise process for Copyright Agent. We have been pleased to work with Tofte & Company who  acted fast, professional and diligent.

Their valuable network of potential investment partners was a strong asset and jointly we have succeeded in gathering an experienced and valuable team to support and secure the successful future of Copyright Agent. We give our warmest recommendations to Tofte & Company.“
says Henrik Eggert, Co-founder of Copyright Agent.

About Copyright Agent: consist of a team of professional photographers and talented entrepreneurs who realized no service existed to protect the copyright for photographers online. Until now!
We collaborate with photographers and leading image agencies to discover any unauthorized use, and ensure the owner receives what they’re owed.
As the Internet grows day-by-day, hour-by-hour, more photographic material is being used without respecting copyright. That’s not ok. As a photographer, it’s crucial you’re paid for the use of any photographs that rightfully belongs to you.
That’s why we created this service. Copyright Agent shows you where your photos appear across the Internet. But more importantly, where they are used in violation of your existing copyright. We’ll ensure you receive payment from the violator, and only charge you a success fee once the money’s in your account.