AirHelp – Private Placement of 12 mUSD from Khosla Ventures and YC Continuation Fund

Tofte & Company – Airhelp closes 12 mUSD series A financing.

We are proud and happy to announce that Airhelp, the world-leading Air Passenger Rights company, has raised 12 MUSD in its series A funding from Khosla Ventures, YC Continuation Fund, Naval Ravikant, Evan Williams, Jimmy Maymann, U-Start and Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen.

The financing will help Airhelp accelerate its growth via investment in claims handling capabilities to harvest on the massive inbound claims intake the company is experiencing. The funding will also accelerate efforts in the various partner relations the company has entered into.

“The collaboration with Tofte & Company has been very satisfactory and a position is now reached where Airhelp can further accelerate its development,” says Henrik Zillmer, CEO of Airhelp. “With the series A investment we not only managed to secure funds for further growth but also important knowledge and network for our further expansion. It has been a pleasure working with Tofte & Co who have continuously impressed me with their ability to understand our business as well as their persistent support and impressive deal making skills to secure the funding.”

“I am very impressed by the traction and positioning Airhelp has obtained within their space. Henrik has persistently been pursuing his goal of creating the world´s leading Air Passenger Rights company and has in his journey shown remarkable execution skills,” says Thomas Tofte. “ I have never experienced a company with such an aggressive continuous growth – even after having reached scale and I can not wait to follow the journey as Airhelp continues to grow fueled by an amazing management team and a tier one investor group behind them”

 About Airhelp:
AirHelp is a Y-Combinator backed startup that helps travellers assert their legal rights and file for the flight disruption compensation they are rightfully entitled to under EU law.

Since its founding in 2013, Airhelp has helped over 900,000 passengers for a total of $85 million in flight disruption compensation for travelers worldwide. This makes AirHelp the world’s biggest company in its category.

AirHelp is live in 19 countries, offers support in 13 languages and employs 230 AirHelpers globally.

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