L.A. Media – Sell side

L.A. Media, the second to none premium luxury magazine publisher in Denmark, has been sold by Tofte & Company

“I have considered selling my business for a couple of years, but selling a small business is a complex venture that involves several considerations. Enlisting a broker, accountant and an attorney as you proceed with your daily operations can be quite a job. The business sale will also require much of your time and probably one of the main reasons why many founders never get to that point. Tofte & Company helped me build a solid plan and made the negotiations a success. I am very pleased with the journey and will continue to work with them, but now as an investor,” says Christian Friis Johansen, Founder at L. A. Media.

L. A. Media is such an interesting and well managed company with a portfolio of profitable magazines. On top of the traditional magazine business L. A. Media has unlocked a considerable growth potential through launch of its digital strategy this year. We saw the strong potential in this combination and found the right buyer,” says Sasja Dalgaard, Partner at Tofte & Company.