Cylindo – Private Placement of 1 mUSD led by Scale Capital

Product visualization startup Cylindo has raised 1 mUSD in new funding that will help Cylindo (which now has offices in both Copenhagen and San Francisco) expand in the United States — and eventually, expand beyond furniture. The new funding was led by Scale Capital, with participation from LiteCap and CommerceVC.


“Tofte & Company was unrelenting in their assistance to our fundraising efforts and their great deal structuring experience enabled us to put a great deal together for everyone,” says Janus Jagd founder and CEO of Cylindo.

“I have seldom seen a more superior product offering than the Cylindo suite and I can not wait to see the commercial traction this funding will enable them to achieve,” says Thomas Tofte, managing partner of Tofte & Company.

Cylindo offers immersive visualization software, state of the art 3D content creation and cloud-based deployment. They help the furniture industry take maximum advantage of today’s most advanced technologies that translate directly into increased sales and enhanced brand image.