This category is for our successful transactions made by Tofte & Co.

Linkfire 1

Linkfire – Private Placement: 2.6 mUSD

2.6 million USD was raised for Linkfire in a private placement carried out by Tofte & Company, in September 2015.

This super exciting, and promising startup, has a bright future ahead of it and we are more than proud to be their pereffered deal partner going forward. The team behind Linkfire has their focus an a solid niche within online deep-linking and the music industry and they aren’t afraid to move quickly!

We are looking forward to join Linkfire on their journey going ahead.


CONYAK – Private Placement: Undisclosed amount

CONYAK, founded in the summer of 2014, is a Danish born global, located in central Copenhagen.

We have developed a unique way of mapping Internet users, which enables 100 % accurate cross-device retargeting including timing, and full frequency control for Advertisers across campaigns and devices.

The CONYAK solution makes it possible for Advertisers to target users in their purchase phase, on the best converting device, at the best suited time. On top of this, our frequency control across campaigns AND devices increases the ROI, as Advertisers are able to stop their campaigns when it is no longer converting.

Because this patented software is the first of its kind, the company is now expanding heavily, and have sales offices in Europe, Asia and the US (by 2015).


AirTame – Private Placement: 1.4 mUSD

With a vision to change wireless screen sharing in businesses across the globe Airtame has just raised 1.4 million USD series A from the Danish investment firm SEED Capital and Libratone-founder Tommy Andersen. This investment comes after a record setting crowdfunding campaign where the company raised 1.3 million USD in just 60 days on Indiegogo.

“I am truly impressed by the traction of Airtame and can not wait to see them further unfold their potential in the future,” says Rasmus Bøegh Danielsen from Tofte & Company.

AIRTAME is a wireless HDMI dongle that enables users to display whatever they see on their Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android or WP device on their TVs, monitors and projectors. Plug AIRTAME into any TV, projector or monitor, power it up through USB and wirelessly stream your computer screen. Nothing is plugged into the computer as AIRTAME utilizes the wifi network to work with the dongle. Airtame is optimized for business and prosumer use cases such as enhanced security and management capabilities.


WoolSpire – Private Placement: Undisclosed amount

Esben Gadsbøll, co-founder of Scandinavia’s largest online white goods retailer – WhiteAway – and Jeppe Michael Jensen former CEO of Billetlugen are the experienced co-founders of Woolspire. With a recently closed funding round the company is now well positioned for further growth and consolidation.


“The deal experience and ideas on the pitch the team from Tofte & Company brought to the table have been key in the process,” says Jeppe Michael Jensen.

“We are proud to be working with such an experienced team and we are confident that this is a new ecommerce flagship in the making,” says Tofte & Company partner Rasmus Bøegh Danielsen.

Woolspire is offering a unique community and ecommerce universe for knitters and crocheters across the globe and the company is the leader in its category. With the latest in patterns and yarn and some of the best bloggers in the space Woolspire is providing a unique service offering within this segment.


Tradeshift – Secondary Placement: 5 mUSD

5 million USD is the amount Tofte & Company managed to raise in a secondary placement for TradeShift in February 2014.

We are proud to be part of this transaction, and we are proud to be the preferred transaction advisory to TradeShift.


ItemBase – Private Placement: 4 mUSD

ItemBase receives 4 million USD in private placement. 

Tofte & Company has managed to raise, and be involved in, the transaction of a private placement of 4 million USD for ItemBase in December 2014.

ItemBase is experiencing substantial growth and we are very excited to see where ItemBase will be just a few years from now! The scalability and value-adding nature of this enterprise looks very promising going forward. We are proud to be there during their entire journey.


AirHelp – Private Placement: 4 mUSD

4 million USD to be raised in a private placement for AirHelp

Tofte & Company have been with these guys from the very beginning, and we are excited to see the interest from so many investors already.

The private placement of 4 million USD was sourced and executed via Tofte & Company. We are looking forward to see where these guys will go, and we are proud to be their preferred deal partner during their journey.


Cylindo – Private Placement: 1 mUSD

Product visualization startup Cylindo has raised 1 mUSD in new funding that will help Cylindo (which now has offices in both Copenhagen and San Francisco) expand in the United States — and eventually, expand beyond furniture. The new funding was led by Scale Capital, with participation from LiteCap and CommerceVC.


“Tofte & Company was unrelenting in their assistance to our fundraising efforts and their great deal structuring experience enabled us to put a great deal together for everyone,” says Janus Jagd founder and CEO of Cylindo.

“I have seldom seen a more superior product offering than the Cylindo suite and I can not wait to see the commercial traction this funding will enable them to achieve,” says Thomas Tofte, managing partner of Tofte & Company.

Cylindo offers immersive visualization software, state of the art 3D content creation and cloud-based deployment. They help the furniture industry take maximum advantage of today’s most advanced technologies that translate directly into increased sales and enhanced brand image.


Tradeshift – Private Placement: 75 mUSD

75 million USD is the amount Tofte & Company managed to raise in a private placement for TradeShift in February 2014.

We are proud to be part of this transaction, and we are proud to be the preferred transaction advisory to TradeShift.


CapitalAid – Private Placement: 3 mUSD

3 million USD in private placement for CapitalAid.

 CapitalAid, who helps small businesses grow, just received their substantial private placement via Tofte & Company. We are proud to be part of this transaction, and we are looking forward to be there for CapitalAid throughout their journey ahead.