CSI Protect

CSI Protect – Private Placement: Undisclosed amount

Tofte & Company – CSI Protect secures funding

We are proud to announce that CSI Protect has raised a significant round of financing from a group of investors led by Henrik Friborg.

From it’s US HQ in Los Angeles, CA. CSI Protect is building it’s North American business centred around Forensic DNA property marking, forensic coding and asset identification solutions which deter theft and aid recovery of stolen property.

The Company has been at the forefront of providing the Police and Insurance recommended property marking solutions since 2015. Since then, CSI Protect has helped homeowners, businesses, local authorities, hospitals and schools protect their property. With already established business relationships in 8 states and partnerships with several major Law Enforcement Agencies like LAPD, CSI Protect was seeking funding to ensure a rapid expansion throughout the entire US market. The past 3 years have shown outstanding results and all major US retailers and Law Enforcement Agencies have shown significant interest in protecting their local communities, employees and valuables using DNA technology.

We pride ourselves on top quality, accredited products, the best customer service and exceptional value. In fact, repeat business is growing as more and more satisfied customers return to us year after year. Key markets include B2B, Education, Government, Police and B2C. Our goal is to reduce a number of crimes including domestic and commercial burglary, robbery, metal theft, vehicle theft and theft of cycles.

“As a result of our rapid expansion in the US market additional funding was needed in order to keep momentum. Through a mutual international contact we were recommended to contact Sasja Dalgaard, Partner at Tofte & Company. Sasja came highly recommended, but being a US company seeking funding for a US expansion we were armed with a fair amount of skepticism and questions. I am happy to say that for the first phone call to the final Due Diligence we have received the most professional and result orientated advice and guidance from the entire Tofte & Company team, but Sasja has a special place in our CSI hearts. Sasja has continuously outperformed all out expectations and been a priceless partner during the entire process. The professional approach has allowed us to focus on our US operations while the funding process was on full speed. Being in the hands of a professional team allowed us to feel confident that we would achieve our common goal and find the right match for our business,” says Kristian Brandt, Co-Founder and & COO of CSI Protect.

“It has been a great pleasure to work alongside the founders Kristian Brandt and Henrik Olsen in this process and it is obvious that they possess the needed determination to conquer the US market. The product is unmatched and with the capital injection and an active investor team with deep industry knowledge they are on a path to succes. Lead investor – Henrik Friborg co-founded Milestone Systems (Sold to Canon Group in 2014) and that is a match that I am proud of since his past journey and experiences makes him the ideal investor for CSI Protect. I very much look forward to follow the company,” says Sasja Dalgaard, Partner at Tofte & Company.

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Optimeo – Debt financing: Undisclosed amount

Tofte & Company – Optimeo secures funding

“I am honoured to get to work with so many skilled entrepreneurs and happy to announce that we have assisted in securing a round of debt financing to fuel future growth for Optimeo“, says Sasja Dalgaard, Partner at Tofte & Company.

Tofte & Company facilitated the raise of capital for Optimeo in the Autumn of 2017. They were professional throughout the whole process, even if the clock was past five. We give our warmest recommendations to Tofte & Company,” says Kuno Ystrøm, Founder and Partner of Optimeo.

About Optimeo:
Optimeo provides strategic solutions in Online Marketing to small and medium-sized companies. They are Denmark’s fastest growing company within the industry, and have an ambition to expand into other countries within the next year.


Zigna – Debt financing and Private Placement: Undisclosed amount

Tofte & Company – Zigna secures funding

We are proud to announce that we have raised debt financing from the Danish Growth Fund and a private placement from a US based business angel.

“Tofte & Company facilitated investment for Zigna in the Autumn of 2017. They were very helpful and professional throughout the whole process, and no questions were left unanswered. They helped every step of the way. We give our warmest recommendations to Tofte & Company. Thanks to their help Zigna is now on a path to success,” says Jesper Lundsgaard Hansen, Co-CEO of Zigna.

About Zigna:
Zigna provides real estate agents with a complete set of online marketing tools to manage every element of their sales process from list to close. As an oasis in a fragmented industry of single-function apps and tools, Zigna allows agents to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time helping clients find their dream homes.

Hejdoktor.dk – Private Placement: Undisclosed amount

Tofte & Company – Hejdoktor.dk secures funding
We are pleased to announce that we have raised an undisclosed round of financing from a group of Danish Business angels.

“We are extremely pleased with the process orchestrated and run by Tofte & Company“. With the persistent support from Tofte & Company we have secured funds for growth, but also established a valuable network and international contacts. We look forward to a long-lasting collaboration with Tofte & Company in the next years,” says Mikkel Geertsen, CEO of Hejdoktor.dk.

About Hejdoktor.dk:
Hejdoktor.dk is a Copenhagen based eHealth startup with a vision to lock horns with the current unprecedented global health challenges, by providing high quality online, convenient and cost-effective healthcare services – combined with the exponential power of computers.
Hejdoktor.dk is transforming traditional healthcare by making it more accessible and convenient. Hejdoktor.dk has empowered thousands of users, by giving them direct access to the healthcare professionals they need, through UX friendly and secure digital channels.
Hejdoktor.dk strives to make a positive impact in the world and believes that quality healthcare should be a universal human right.


SOUNDBOKS – Private Placement: 3 mUSD

Tofte & Company – Outdoor LOUD-speaker SOUNDBOKS secures $3 million in funding from a group of investors including Bang & Olufsen’s former chief executive Tue Mantoni

It is with pleasure that we can announce that SOUNDBOKS, the provider of the first designated outdoor LOUD-speaker has secured $3 million in funding from a group of investors including Bang & Olufsen’s former chief executive Tue Mantoni and the lead vocalist in the rock band Muse Matthew Bellamy.


SOUNDBOKS is a Copenhagen-based, Y Combinator backed, hardware start-up developing and selling the world’s loudest battery powered speaker. SOUNDBOKS was founded in 2015 by three young Danes who shared the same love and passion for music, amazing parties and festivals. Today, SOUNDBOKS is Scandinavia’s fastest growing hardware start-up delivering speakers to happy customers all over Europe & North America. In March 2016, SOUNDBOKS launched the most succesful Danish Kickstarter Campaign of all time!


Biva – Private Placement: Undisclosed amount

Tofte & Company – Biva receives capital to pursue omnichannel growth strategy

We are proud to announce that the Danish online furniture company Biva has raised an undisclosed amount from a team of highly competent investors. Amongst these are Jimmy Maymann (former CEO of Huffington Post and well known serial investor), who becomes chairman of Biva’s board, ecommerce expert Christian Kusk (founder of Stylepit), who will also enter the board and Christian Høyer (CEO at Wunderwear). The new board and the management of Biva will work hard to achieve the Company’s goal: to become the leading online furniture store.

“I am impressed with how far CEO Jesper Jørgensen and Sales and Marketing Director Rune Furbo has taken the new Biva version 2.0 already, and there is no doubt that the combination of these new investors and the Company’s potential is spot on. One thing is to find the right funding for a company, another is to connect the company with the right competences and experiences to make the company grow even further. I am sure that Biva will profit from these experienced profiles, when it comes to creating Denmark’s leading online furniture store,” says Sasja Dalgaard, Partner at Tofte & Company.

“The entire process of working with Tofte & Company has been of great value. Especially their financial advisory and the process of preparations has helped us not only to find investors, but to find the right investors. It has been impressing to experience a process where we end up being able to choose between a field of competent investors. Now we can make our vision a reality creating Denmark’s leading online furniture store,” says Jesper Jørgensen, Managing Director at Biva.

Jesper Jørgensen founded the new version of Biva together with Sales & Marketing Director Rune Furbo in 2014. They call it Biva 2.0 which – opposed to the old Biva – is an online furniture store with flagship stores in Aalborg, Fredericia and Copenhagen.

“Biva has in recent years undergone a transformation from an old school retail business to stepping into the online scene. Jesper and Rune has already taken the first steps, but as I see it, it’s just the beginning. There is a huge potential for a focused omnichannel strategy to make the company scalable. Therefore I am now supporting BIVA not only by investing money but also part of my time,” says Jimmy Maymann, former CEO of Huffington Post, serial entrepreneur and investor.

And when it comes to creating a successful online business Biva holds another strong card in hand. Christian Kusk, who in 2000 founded Stylepit – one of the leading online stores – has also invested in Biva and will become part of the board.

“I look forward to contributing with my experience and know-how on what mechanisms that drive online sales. With more than fifteen years of experience in online sales, I see tremendous potential for Biva, which in many ways follows the current trend that sales move from the physical stores to online,” says Christian Kusk.

And just the fact that revenue moves from the shops and on to the internet, is what has driven the vision of ‘the new Biva’ where you shop furniture while sitting at home on the couch, so to say.

About Biva:
In 2014 Rune Furbo and Jesper Jørgensen founded the new Biva, while transforming the company from being actual stores into an online webshop with three flagship stores. The ambitions for the future Biva is high, the goal is to become the leading online furniture store with a focused omnichannel strategy.

Happy Helper

Happy Helper – Private Placement: Undisclosed amount

Tofte & Company – Happy Helper receives capital to fuel its expansion

We are proud to announce that the leading Danish online platform for on-demand home services Happy Helper has raised an undisclosed amount from an undisclosed investor.

“The whole process with Tofte & Co was very smooth and with good business karma. We were quickly presented for relevant investors and closed our round within 4 weeks of our first meeting! Sasja was an extremely competent negotiator and a really nice person too,” says Adam Sebastian Sheikh Hjorth, Co-founder and CFO at Happy Helper.

About Happy Helper:
Happy Helper is the leading Danish online platform for on-demand home services, connecting individuals looking for home cleaning services with top-quality, pre-screened independent cleaners – or as we call them “helpers”.

With a easy 60-second booking process, secure payment, and a 100% money-back guarantee, Happy Helper is the easiest, most convenient way to book a clean.


Addifab – Debt financing: Undisclosed amount

Addifab receives funding

AddiFab ApS – manufacturer of automated high-end 3D-printing systems – has closed an undisclosed round of debt financing. Proceeds from this round will be used to complete development and installation of the first Add-Line demonstrator at the company’s facilities with the involvement of beta customers, suppliers and collaboration partners.

Tofte & Company has provided diligent and valuable guidance in the process leading up to the financing. Introducing a new production paradigm requires very significant resources, and we are happy to tap into the knowledge and network of Tofte & Company as we continue to develop our business,” says Lasse Staal, CEO of AddiFab.


AllUnite – Private Placement: 1 mUSD

AllUnite raises 1 mUSD

Bringing the efficient tools of on-line marketing to the offline world the Adtech company AllUnite has raised 1 mUSD enabling it to bring the company to the next level. The mobile data driven platform for local shops is experiencing great traction and has signed up large retailers like Only, Levi’s and The Body Shop.

“It has been a pleasure working with Tofte & Company. Their experience within the fundraising area is second to none and we had great benefit of their advice throughout the process,” says Kasper Gevaldig, CEO of AllUnite.

“I am so excited to follow AllUnite on their continuous journey. This truly innovative company has a huge potential on the quest to change off-line marketing as we know it today,” says Thomas Tofte, Managing Partner of Tofte & Company.

About AllUnite:
AllUnite is a unique mobile first, data driven marketing platform which gives local shops capabilities such as retargeting, conversion tracking, performance based customer acquisition, passive customer profiling etc. which is normally only available to online shops.


Codeable – Debt financing: Undisclosed amount

 Codeable secures funding from several investors and loan from the Danish Growth Fund
Codeable.io, a leading global outsourcing marketplace for high quality WordPress projects, recently announced a share buyback from CAPNOVA and funding from several investors, including Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and WooCommerce. As a part of the deal the company also secured a loan from the Danish Growth Fund.

In fewer than three years, Codeable has grown to be a leading global outsourcing marketplace for high quality WordPress projects.

Tofte & Co. has been a great partner in this process. Not only have they played a role in structuring a great deal for everybody involved, they have also played a significant role in helping us crystalize our strategy for the journey ahead,” says Per Esbensen, CEO of Codeable ApS.

Tofte & Co. are proud to have advised Codeable on the deal.

“It has been a quite amazing experience to work with Per Esbensen and team and see how they have managed to build a company that is truly loved by its customers,” says Rasmus Bøegh, Partner at Tofte & Co.